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Darwin Information Typing Architecture For User Guides & Help Manuals

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   Think of your experience using a poorly written user manual. Do you remember how the excitement of trying a new product or software turned into frustration and anger?  Don't risk losing the goodwill of your customers! By the time they phone your help desk, it will be too late.  A well constructed user guide is an investment in your business that will save you money and increase customer loyalty. 

Darwin Information Typing Architecture


  •  is modular and scalable
  •  uses topics to explain concepts and tasks
  •  searchable
  •  can be produced in any format from a single source

DITADogs Has New Solutions For Old Problems
    Some advantages we will bring to your project are:
            •  minimalist writing for quick lookup
            •  plain English for easy comprehension
            •  lots of graphics for visual learning
            •  low cost for high technology
                                                      See Our Samples Page